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2017-02-07 14:27:56 by thelightningboy10

Appearently my music can't be used in GD because of the Drama between GD and NG. Does anyone know how to get my songs onto GD? You can listen to them if you wish! :)


I hate this so much....


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2017-02-07 16:40:24

You need to be scouted

thelightningboy10 responds:

I got my friend to scout me but my songs still can't be used.


2017-02-07 19:15:46

Work the hard way, and be whitelisted by RobTop himself. That's how. You want to be in GD, you earn it now.

thelightningboy10 responds:

How do I do that?


2017-02-10 19:10:14

Work hard to produce good songs, join the community activities, take part in contests, promote yourself, and have a bit of luck. Earn the respect and the fans, in short.

If they request your songs enough times, RobTop might decide to whitelist you.

thelightningboy10 responds:

Alright. :3 (Can u be supporter plz ;))


2017-02-11 03:35:50

I need to listen and review your stuff first. I am not one to indiscriminately become a fan of something I do not know.

thelightningboy10 responds:

got it. :)


2017-02-12 14:02:19

The other thing that I think you need to realize is that you shouldn't really make music just to use it in GD, as you are still so new to producing - doing that won't get you anywhere. Once you actually care about what you're making beyond its possible use for a single level in a video game and feel driven to improve it, you will begin improving and get closer to getting songs in GD.

thelightningboy10 responds:

Thanks for the comment! I understand. :)